[fluid][html ]San Fam Holdings is a privately held family run business. Our founders are three generations of Jesuit educated Accountants who are / where Cuban born immigrant entrepreneur’s and are now preparing to pass the business to the next generation which are American born. All of our staff which as of January 1, 2015 numbered at 1,075, have also been trained in the Jesuit way of doing business.

With the death of one of our founders on July 10th, 2012 we are re-structuring our companies. We will be converting our businesses to an agency model.

Global Business Referral Network will become more of an umbrella company creating and managing partnerships among our agency members. Our agency members will all start the process of seeking different Microsoft certifications over the next several months, each following their own specific areas of expertise. Supply Chain Commerce will provide infrastructure and training in Accounting, providing financial introductions and development of distributor agreements in the supply chain.

Why Microsoft? All of our clients will be using Microsoft technologies in their businesses. Our clients at Supply Chain Commerce as of December 31, 2012 numbers at slightly over 183,000, they are now over 216,000 and will start transitioning over to Global Business Referral Network starting in March of 2017. With Microsoft business solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office switching to a cloud based solution, Supply Chain Commerce is setting a goal of converting all of our clients to cloud based services starting in June of 2017.[/html][/fluid]